Baby water turtles

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In the 1960’s baby aquatic turtles such as red eared sliders were a popular and inexpensive pet. What put an end to this fad was a federal ban on turtles under 4 inches, due to the alarming rate of cases of salmonella in children with pet turtles.

Salmonella is commonly spread through fecal/oral contamination. In English that means you would have to get turtle poop in your mouth.
That seems like it would be something that would be pretty easy to avoid

Most of these turtles were literally kept in some sort of small bowl. The water volume was so small that in just a few days you basically had “turtle poop soup” . All .a child would have to do is put his hands in the water, and then in their mouth to complete the cycle. Washing your hands with antibacterial soap, effectively breaks that cycle.

Today like with any other banned items, people are selling baby turtles again in horribly inadequate containers that people are led to believe they can keep them in. We have published the following information for the safety and health of both the turtles and their owners.


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