Difficult Species to keep

Exotic Pets
The term "Exotic Pet" covers a wide variety of reptiles, birds and fish. Not all of the species that are available in the exotic pet trade make good pets for everyone.

Many species are purchased as babies by people who had no idea of the animals adult size, temperment or needs.

We are not opposed to people owning these animals. We LIKE these animals and can understand the desire to keep them. Our message is to please research the adult needs of any animal you intend to bring into your home. Any animal that you bring home and name, from a 12 cent goldfish to the most expensive animal, is part of your family and deserves as much respect as your cat or dog.

Below are some of the species that are commonly available but that we feel have needs that exceed the capabilities of the average family.

Green Iguana
Savannah monitor
Nile monitor
Water monitor
American alligator
Spectacled caiman
Burmese python
African rock python
Reticulated python
Green anaconda
Yellow Anaconda
Common or redtailed boa
African Spur thigh tortoise

If you are thinking about bringing one of these animals into your home, you need to talk to someone who has actually owned an adult, that is caring for it correctly, and see what kind of maintenance and equipment is involved. Even if you know someone, that has one of these animals that is great, keep in mind that every animal has its own personality, just like people. I have met a lot of people that had these animals for years, before bringing them to us, and had no idea, that the care they were providing, was less than adequate. We will be expanding this page soon. If you have any questions about these or any other reptile or fish, e-mail us.

Below are links to information on some of the more manageable animals that are often kept incorrectly.


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