While most of the photographs in the slide section were done with a long telephoto lens on a 35 mm camera, my digital cameras strongest feature is close up photography. Rather than just blending the new photos into the existing structure, I decided to create a totally separate section which I referred to as my "garden" because of my fondness of working the gardens of my friends and relatives in search of subjects.

I would like to dedicate this section of my library to the memory of the only other photographer that I admired (and envied),
Linda McCartney.

Linda was a talented photographer and musician that was taken from the world much too soon. She was truly a friend to animals and nature. Such a beautiful person makes for the kind of Angel that God keeps close to him. That is why I have included my "Angel" photo on this page. If God was going to choose someone to be the Angel that watchs over photographers, she would be the ONLY choice. If her spirit is strong enough to trip Heather Mills and get her kicked off that dancing show, she could could sure fix a camera. Though we miss her here, her presence in Heaven, makes getting there something to strive a little harder for. A much better place.

NOPAWS Garden now holds over 800 images and there will be more coming. Just like a real garden we have the flower and butterflies to appeal to the ladies and all the squirmy things for the boys.

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For the story of the my broken camera that developed super power and the photo on this page, click the "Angel" link below

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purflow4x.jpg"Flower Photos

smallpostmanx.jpg"Butterfly photos

grasshopperx.jpg"Grasshopper Photos

spiderx.jpg"Spider Photos

beex.jpg"Bee Photos

dragonflyx.jpg"Dragonfly Photos

miscinsectx.jpg"Misc Insect Photos

miscfrogx.jpg"Misc Frog Photos

salamanderx.jpg"Salamander Photos

misclizardx.jpg"Misc Lizard Photos

miscsnakex.jpg"Misc Snake photos

misctortoisex.jpg"Misc Tortoise Photos

wturtle27x.jpg"Water Turtle Photos

bettax.jpg"Betta photos

miscfishx.jpg"Misc Fish Photos

AngelT.jpg"Did an Angel bless my camera?