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NOPAWS was created by wildlife photographer, Ron Wulff, Jr. Ron (pictured here with his son, Brandon) became a wildlife rehabber after doing some photography for a local nature center. He worked with local wildlife like squirrels and raccoons until a friend from the state zoo brought his attention to the problem of unwanted exotic pets which led to the development of NOPAWS. Overwhelmed with learning the needs of a variety of animals from all over the world, photography projects were put on hold and 1000s of wildlife slides were boxed and put away.

Rons greatest love has always been photographing the natural beauty of the world while helping to preserve it. He has the talent to capture that beauty and has been close to some amazing creatures. Now NOPAWS is going to give him the chance to share it with the world.

The animals that NOPAWS takes in are not animals that generate a lot of public sympathy. Some of the animals we get have their own phobias named after them. To bring attention to the needs of these animals, Ron is allowing the use of his photos, in creating a reference library of nature and wildlife photos, that can be used for school projects, educational and personal applications. No commercial applications are allowed.

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The photos will be broken up into two sections. One section will be devoted to the collection of slides that were boxed and are in the process of being scanned and digitally restored. The other section is made up of photos that were taken more recently with a digital camera.

We think, that using photographs of things most people like, to make people aware of the growing problem of unwanted animals that they probably would rather not even think about, is a unique approach to the situation.

Please pass the word.

newpurpx.jpg"NOPAWS Garden

cougarcubx.jpg"The slide collection



This photo doesn't really fit with the rest of the collection of images because it features a building. It is a photograph of the setting sun taken from Meriden with a high powered telephoto lens. The sun frames Castle Craig, a well known landmark in Meriden. I am including it here because I would like to share it with the people of Meriden.


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