Strange Bugs photos

I don't think anything sparked my interest in photographing insects more than finding something that I never saw before.
When what looked to me like specks on a leaf turned out to be odd and sometimes beautiful little creatures, it opened up a whole new universe to explore.

It brought with it the joy of discovery. I can still remember a few brilliantly colored tiny beetles that I saw right in my back yard, that I could never get close enough to.

This is going to be a growing section of the web site for sure.
As much as I love finding and photographing these amazing creature, the desire to find out the correct way to spell their name, evades me still.

In the interest of science and education and a hope of bringing an interactive feeling to the web site, with my limited web page skills, I offer this.

If any bug scientist e-mail me with the name of an insect on these pages (along with the file name of the photo), I will put the correct name in the spot that says 'CLICK PHOTO'.

Even the Latin name if you include it.

I included a few photos of the Lennon Leafhopper in this section because there is a different bug that looks just like it and the photos might be mixed up.

There is a greenish version, that there might already be a name for.

The powder blue version, is the Lennon Leafhopper

It's not like you can make us change it.

Keep in mind your getting free reference photos.

Click directly on the small photo to link to the larger file. Hit the back button to return to this page.

StrangebugT.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

Strangebug1T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

Strangebug2T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

Strangebug3T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

Strangebug4T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

Strangebug5T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

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Strangebug40T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

Strangebug58T.jpg"Even more Strange Bug photos