Spider photos

Spiders is one of the subjects that I started photographing at night. I was often shooting in a way that I couldn't see the screen at all. I had to learn to frame by judging the distance of the lens from the subject. At night, with a black lens, it was a little harder.

This is where we start using the names I made up for the spiders that were the most common.

They probably have real names.

I think the kind of "daddy longlegs" that we have photos of here is not even really a spider.

We strive for that kind of informality.

There is also a page for miscellaneous spider photos.

There are a few that got mixed in because I had lost track of if it was a "Big brown" or "Cross spider".

The other photos are of spiders that I just never saw before. I probably had my own names for them too but got tired of making new folders.

When scientist write in with the real names, we will put it in where in now says "click photo".

But the Daddy longlegs are staying.

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BigbrownT.jpg"Big Brown Spider Photos

CrossspiderT.jpg"Cross Spider Photos

DaddylonglegT.jpg"Daddy Longleg Photos

TunnelspiderT.jpg"Tunnel Spider Photos

WatermelonspiderT.jpg"Watermelon Spider Photos

GardenspiderT.jpg"Garden Spider Photos (This might be their real name)

TunnelspiderT.jpg"Misc. Spider Photos



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