Playing with light

I have never been able to develop an interest in altering images with computer software.

Not just because the software is too hard.

For Me, the glorious part of digital isn't the ability to make the photo better on a computer.

It is FREE FILM!!!

I can TRY things. I can experiment. If I am going to go for special effects, its going to be when the photo is taken, not after.

In the rose section, there are a few white roses, that have a red or pinkish glow or cast to them. They were in my yard, and I photographed them at night while I was out looking for spiders. The red cast was from the headlamp that I use when I am looking for bugs at night. I was holding it close to the flower so I could see to focus. The part of the flower that the flash didn't hit, the red light showed to some degree.

These photos were made by taking that and experimenting a little more. Enjoy

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Planlite2T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

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Planlite21T.jpg"More Playing with light photos