New Library

Here we are going to split the library into the three main groups.
Insects and plants are simple enough to figure out. Sessions is where I work with a single subject that could be anything.
I will remind you again, that I am STILL not an expert at identifying some of these thing.

I just find them and photograph them.
For now, if I don't know what something is called, I will make up my own name.

As young bug scientist write in with the correct name, we will add them.
Remember it is the photos in this section, that can be hanging on your wall in full detail when printed from the high resolution files.

Click directly on the small image to go to that section. Some of the pages may take a minute to load because of the amount of thumbnail photos to choose from.

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Miscinsect.jpg"Insect Photos

PlantT.jpg"Plant Photos

Treefrog28T.jpg"Photo Sessions