Lennon Leafhopper photos

I found this tiny creature, before my camera got its super close up ability, so I have more photos of them to add later.

On the leaf, it just looked like a tiny dark bug. I took the first photo, just by judging the distance from the lens.

When I zoomed in on the photo and saw the colors, I was sure I had photographed something pretty rare.

I had been listening to John Lennon music when I found it, and it reminded me of a car he once had, so I named my discovery, the "Lennon leafhopper"

Then I found more of them in my yard.

They could have just followed me home.

Good bug scientist know when to mind their own business.

It would be a lot easier to just change its name then have me change the whole web site.

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Lennonleafhopper1T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

Lennonleafhopper2T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

Lennonleafhopper4T.jpg"CLICK PHOTO

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