Insect photos

Here we have broken things up into recognizable groups.We don't have any Latin names here. A big part of the excitement of the camera's ability was discovering a world that was new to me. Each time I photographed something I had never seen before, it was quite a thrill. For now, I am keeping the name that I gave a few of them. There is going to be a whole section of creatures that I didn't even TRY to name, very soon.

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DragonflyT.jpg"Dragonfly Photos

DamselfyT.jpg"Damselfly Photos

SpiderT.jpg"Spider Photos

BeeT.jpg"Bee Photos

DevilDevil bug Photos

MonarchT.jpg"Monarch Butterfly Photos

MothT.jpg"Moth and butterfly Butterfly Photos

LennonleafhopperT.jpg"Lennon Leafhopper Photos

StrangebugT.jpg"Strange Bug Photos