Flower photos

When I started using a digital camera for close up photography I worked on flowers every chance I got. I photographed flowers in the wild, in gardens, in a green house and even in front of a gas station.
At the time I didn't really need to know the names of any of them and just organized them by color.

Kind of like they are here.

It's not like I don't know ANY of the flower names.

But if you want to write in and tell me the names of the flowers be sure to note the file number.

Eventually I will go back and put in the name of the flower where it says "click" next to the thumbnail photo.

Like maybe after we get the names for ALL of them.

For now, make sure you click directly on the photo and not where it says "click" to link to that page. Use the back button to return to this page.

Thank you for your patience.

pflow2x.jpg"Pink Flowers

yflow3x.jpg"Yellow Flowers

rflow4x.jpg"Red Flowers

oflow6x.jpg"Orange Flowers

purflow6x.jpg"Purple Flowers

wflow6x.jpg"White Flowers

miscplantx.jpg"Misc Plant Photos



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