Did an angel bless my camera with super macro?

The photo on this page is right side up.

One of the people I showed my photo to, suggested that the angel who watch's over me, found a way to show herself to me. If that were the case, then surely it must be the very same angel that blessed my broken camera with super power.

I know enough about how cameras work, to understand, what happened inside my camera to make it do what it does. Some part of the lens mechanism got separated from the rest to create an internal extension tube. An extension tube is a attachment that fits between the lens and the camera, that has no glass, so it makes a space between the lens and camera, allowing you to focus closer than the lens can usually focus.

I also know that drops of water can create out of focus highlights that look like something they aren't.

On the other hand, I did ask God out loud for a miracle. I would guess that He is busy keeping our brave people in the middle east safe, so he can let Angels handle things like this. I think if she showed herself to me, it is a sign that I better not get the camera fixed. I know that I have amazing things coming in the spring.

I will think of something to do during the winter.

A month later

Oh, I get it now. It made me want to tell the story, which made me want to make the web pages, which made me have to edit all of the photos I took over the summer to build the new library.

Maybe that is how Angels work. They trick you into working harder for yourself.

The link is below.

This is the video I made with these photos.

Wait till you see the photo on THIS page when it is flipped over the same way as the first one! I hadn't even noticed it until I made the video and this photo has been here for awhile now. Check it out.

Monarc2T.jpgNew Library

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