Did an angel bless my camera with super macro?

The next few months, I didn't really have time to think about how this gift came to me. I took thousands of photos, discovered creatures I had never seen before. I found tiny yet beautiful flowers that I had overlooked. I could never get around to sorting through them all because each day I would be drawn to find more, rather than look at what I got the day before.

The camera gave me a perspective unlike anything I have ever seen. Even walking around the yard with it was like a sport in itself. To me it was a blend of art, exploration and discovery combined with the physical challenge of getting an inch away from a bee or dragonfly with out scaring it away or getting stung.

Many of the photos that your going to see, where taken with my arm extended as far as I could reach, while trying to judge the frame by the distance the lens was from the subject.

As the cold weather got here, the things to photograph grew scarce. I found myself getting depressed about the limitations of the camera rather than focus on it's blessing.

I bought an inexpensive plant that had tiny flowers on it, to try to snap out of the mood. I set the plant on my desk, and gave it a little misting of water. During the session I noticed a pattern of light shaping in the frame, and tried to work it into the photo. I got a few shots, but then lost it. I think I worked that plant for a few days before I even uploaded the photos to the computer.

When I got to the sequence of photos with the pattern of light, I studied each one carefully, flipping the photo in every direction. When I flipped this one photo, upside down, I saw, what to me, looks like a women's face in the white area on the left side.

AngelT.jpgPart 4

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