Did an angel bless my camera with super macro?

I could not accept this fate, I had to try something. I turned the camera back on, but kind of tried to hold the lens from popping out in the hopes it would snap back in place. I aimed at the fish tank and took a picture. It was totally out of focus.

I tried turning it on and off a few times, each time, trying to hold the lens back a bit. There isn't really anything to take apart on it. On the last try, in frustration, instead of aiming at the fish tank, I stuck the camera right up to the computer monitor.

My heart jumped when I saw the screen on the camera come into focus when I had the lens almost touching the monitor screen.
With a little bit of playing around with it, I was able to get the focus distance from the lens to about an inch.

At that inch away, with the camera on full zoom I was actually magnifying the subject.

While most people would still consider a camera that could only focus an inch from the lens, "broken", that distance was about the same focus distance as when I had the camera set on the super macro manual focus mode that I used for 75% of my photos anyway. Only now, I had more than twice the power!

Another bonus was that before, the on camera flash wouldn't function in the super macro mode. Now, the camera didn't know it was in super macro mode so the flash still worked. With a little tape , tissue paper and exposure compensation, I was able to get great lighting.

One handed macro with out a tripod

Well, as long as I could hold my hand steady about an inch away from the subject.

And hope the subject didn't move.

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