Did an angel bless my camera with super macro?

I have always had pretty bad luck with my cameras.

I admit I am tough on them. If I don't drop and smash them, they die on their own, probably worn out. I had a whole system stolen and I had a bird eat my flash cord.

When I decided my next camera would be digital, I went in knowing that I wouldn't have the kind of telephoto lens power that I had with the 35 mm. I found one that had decent close up or "macro" capabilities and would apply it to what ever smaller wildlife and nature I could get close to. Flowers and insects provided an endless variety of subjects. Even though the high resolution image allowed for some cropping, sometimes I would find small things that I wished I could get closer to. Otherwise I was pretty content with what I was doing with it.

This one week, just about everything else in my world, other than the camera was going wrong. My car was having problems that I couldn't afford to get fixed and I wasn't feeling well. My only escape from that was the ability to create. The potential of new discovery was good medicine. I could find subjects right in the yard, even at night. I didn't have to pay for film, my batteries were rechargeable and Paul McCartney had just come out with a new CD (Memory almost full). Life was still good.

Then fate stepped in.

The camera was plugged into the computer loading the last group of bee photos that I got in the yard.
My son had been having some problems with the bad kids of the neighborhood so when I heard the dog bark and my son come in, I got up to see if everything was ok, and my foot got caught in the wire and the camera got knocked to the floor.

I yelled "NOOOOOOO" , just like in the movies.

If my son had come in for money for the ice cream man, he went right back out with out asking when he heard that.

I had actually done the same thing a few weeks before. The part of the lens that zooms in and out was kind of tilted, and I had been able to pop it back in and it was fine.

This time, as I prepared for my attempt to fix it, I had an out loud talk with God. Not so much for technical advice. Just to remind Him that I was already having a bad enough week and that maybe He could help me out on this one, seeing that it was kind of for a good cause.

Maybe not those exact words.

Remember, Heaven is far away so sometimes if you want to make sure God hears you, you need to yell.

I gently eased the lens back in place, and it seemed to pop in correctly. I turned the camera power off and the lens retracted like normal.

Just the fact that it didn't come off in my hand made me optimistic.

I turned the power back on, and the lens came back out like it was supposed to. When I aimed it at something on the wall to test it out, and looked at the screen nothing would focus. I tried it in both auto and manual focus settings, and still nothing would focus. I could take photos, but the focus part of the lens wasn't in right. I was devastated.

I shut off the camera, put it down, put Paul's new CD in and sat there and let it play a few times till the room was dark.

It was the song "Vintage clothes" that made me pick the camera back up. "A little worn a little torn, check the rack, what went out is coming back"

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